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Sanding and Restoration FAQs

We answer your frequent asked questions about Floor Polishing, Sanding & Restoration!

Below is a list of the most common questions we get asked, if you cannot find the answer below, please contact us directly.

My floor looks a mess I think it may be too bad to sand.

Most of the floors we see are bad, most haven’t seen the light of day for years, and when they have they have been neglected. Sanding a floor strips away layers of wood; around 3mm is taken off to reveal a clean surface. Yes, it will come up as new; we don’t stop sanding until it does.

How long does a floor take to do?

An average size room say 14ft by 12ft or 4.5m by 4m will normally complete within the day, depending on the condition and the amount of repairs that are needed.

What benefits do sanded floor have?

Finished Floors are hygienic, practical and very stylish, they do not harbour parasites like carpets do and they are virtually maintenance free. Very easy to clean, they do not have funky odours from the previous occupants pets or tobacco, wood is also a great heat conductor, cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

What colour will the floor be after sanding?

Aged pine floorboards have a nice warmth to them, it's hard to say as every floor is slightly different, golden brown is common, antique honey pine is also common, you can't tell until you start sanding, the colour depends on the age of the wood and its acclimatisation with oxygen. Block or strip floors are usually oak, beech, ash, maple, cedar, or dark hardwoods mixed together and laid in herringbone patterns or basket weave or in the case of strips length ways.

Do you use a quality floor varnish?

We want your varnish to give your floors year and years of protection, we do not use any of the varnishes found in D.I.Y shops or stores. We use only high quality professional waterbased products for ultra durability. This has very little odour and gives a beautiful hard wearing finish.

When will I be able to use the floor?

An average room with floorboards without gaps filled takes a full day. As our varnish is quick drying you can walk on the floor about 3 hours after its last coat, light traffic and ideally wearing just socks. However it takes 12 to 24 hours for full durability to its peak hardness, so we advise this before placing furniture on the floor.

How long will the sanded wooden floor last?

This depends on the general footfall, the type of footfall, cleaning and the general maintenance of the wooden floor. On average, domestic sanded and varnished wooden floors should last 5-10 years and commercial areas 3-5 years, however in all environments, we highly recommend that a maintenance contract is in place with an appropriate daily of deep clean process and a periodic ‘buff’n’Coat’ revive regime, which should create a lifelong finish to the floor.

How do I book you to do my floor?

Drop us a line via phone or e-mail with the dimensions of the room/s. We can give you a cost based on your measurements. If the price seems reasonable we will send a trained operative to come and give you an estimate completely free of charge. We then e-mail or post the written estimate which is both detailed and comprehensive. Our rates are always competitive and we can start the works within days of the quotation.

We’re not sure whether to have sanded floors or carpets. What’s the most cost effective?

Wooden floors have become extremely popular in domestic environments in recent years, but they’ve obviously always been around. Apart from the general look and the warmth, this is predominantly down to the durability aspect of a floor, hence floor sanding in Hotels, floor sanding in Churches, floor sanded Dance Floors, floor sanding in Schools and school Halls, Gyms etc. always have wooden floors. Since double glazing, insulation and central heating, wooden floors have soared even more in popularity and because of their durability, offer a far more cost effective option to carpets

If you are based in Sheffield or the surrounding areas and you are looking for professional floor polishing, sanding and restoration specialists, look no further than ecofloor! Give us a call today on 07989083194, let us know your requirements and we'll be happy to schedule a property visit at your convenience, if required.


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